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First stop, Osaka,Universal Studios....

Oh, i have just watched Confessions of A Shopaholic today, nothing spectacular. It was a little boring and they didnt mention CHANEL in the movie!!!!!
I am starting to get a little excited over my trip to Japan in one day time. This will be my fourth time to the land of the rising sun but i am still feeling as excited as before...my hormones race like the speed of light whenever the thought of shopping appears in my mind:) I am planning to watch Confessions of A Shopaholic tomorrow with Captain!

I have limited funds(no credit card) for this trip so i have drawn up a list of things to buy in Japan.
Thank god that their skincare items are made available more easily in Singapore and other countries that Captain flies to these days or i will end up with a never ending list of skincare and cosmetics items.

My Shopping List

1.Shiseido Anessa Silver( Singapore doesnt sell this silver edition, blogshops marked up the prices way too high)
2.Shiseido Collagen drink( they have just released some new formulas this month in Japan)
3.Fancl Vitamin C,E ( half the price compared to Singapore)
4.Eriko Nails( can't find them in Singapore or limited range)
5.8X4 Kirei(it's a dedeorant that i have been using for the past 3 years)
6.爽健美茶(only one original flavour in Liang Court, i want to try out more flavours, this tea is good for my skin)
7.美肌一族 Facial Masks, Bath Salts(can't find them in Singapore too and too troublesome to order from overseas webstores)
8.Jill Stuart perfume Limited Edition (Captain can get this in Hong Kong but by the time he goes to Hong Kong, it might be sold out)
9.Peach John lingerie(V.popular in Japan)
10.化粧惑星(a cheaper line under Shiseido)items
11.Oil Blotters(from this very famous shop in Kyoto)
12.Fragrance Sachets(i love those traditional fragrance sachets from Kyoto)
13.Lots of Japanese goodies...
14. visit to Gucci cafe and Shiseido restaurant in Ginza

My Beauty Diary Chocolate Masks arrived! I was quite surprised that they will give me the boxes as well although they look quite wrinkled. Nice chocolate scent from the masks paired up with a warm mug of hot cocoa......that will be a nice way to spend the afternoon.

I bought a Hello Kitty X MAC Kouture lipgloss(i can only collect it end of this month) and they were nice enough to give away one hello kitty balloon to me.

A Kiehl's facial scrub for me too. I found the grains to be too fine...i prefer coarser grains, feels cleaner.

My monthly dose of Cancam( my favourite magazine since 13 years old!!!)
Some pages from the magazine...i am intending to buy the next issue in Japan next week:)

Free L'occitane Rose Body Milk sample inside and massaging tips!

I am going to get this Jill Stuart perfume when i go to Japan next week. It's available in Singapore but i dont feel good buying it from blogshops at a marked up price. It has a nice floral fruity scent, very lady and feminine.

I want to get some Peach John lingerie in Japan too.

Spring Cosmetics

Goodbye Yamada Yu......

Spring Hairstyles, the hairstyles still look the same as before. When i flipped through Cancam from 3 years ago, the same hairstyles were being shown too....

Captain is in Amsterdam at the moment, coming back on wednesday morning...i am still knitting the scarf and have decided to add some fringe to it. Please go with me to Orchard on Thursday to buy boots and some springwear, okee?
I am going to knit a ipod case for Captain as my next knitting project! It seems like i am into the knitting craze right now.

What colour should the ipod case be?

some dark colours preferably.

dark blue?

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