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Somewhere in Nara

How about some sushi?
sushi ha ikaga desu ka.

How To Say SUSHI in Japanese

寿司 Sushi are also rated like hotels. They are rated in to 3 categories:
Expensive - 松 Matsu Pine
Moderate - 竹 Take Bamboo
Normal - 梅 Ume Plum

Somewhere in Nara

Pick a tooth with a toothpick.
youji de ha wo hojiru

How To Say TOOTHPICK in Japanese

Some ようじ youji toothpick and disposable chopsticks contain carcinogens (a bleach used to manufacturing toothpicks and chopsticks), which is harmful and may cause cancer.


Japanese Food (Washoku) in Matsushimakaigan

 When you travel to Japan, there is a place up north called Sendai. Near to Sendai coastline, there lies a small town called Matsushimakaigan. There are some good 和食 washoku Japanese food that you should try in Matsushimakaigan.

If you are visiting the Masamune Wax Museum in Matsushimakaigan, you surely need to visit 松島さかな市場 matsushima sakana ichiba Matsushima Fish Market behind the museum. There are various おいしい oishii delicious food inside Matsushima Fish market. One of that is Japanese food stated in the big banner on the right side of the photo.

Arriving at the Matsushimakaigan Fish Market, the very first Japanese food that ~が目に留まった ~ga me ni tomatta caught my eyes was this big pot of nikomi. Nikomi is a Japanese food that contains stew meat and vegetables with miso broth. A hot bowl nikomi makes a perfect Japanese dish during the cold season of spring autumn winter.

Inside Matsushima Fish Market, you will find a wide variety of delicious Japanese food. There are a few Japanese food that I find interesting. First is the seafood 焼き物 yakimono grilled food. Then the 牛タン gyuutan beef tongue yaki. Finally is the カキバーガー kaki ba-ga- oyster burger. I find these Japanese food pretty special. It is not the average Japanese food that you can find in the average street.

The skewered 海鮮 kaisen seafood is what attracted me the most. What`s more, Japanese food are mostly famous for their fresh seafood. Each skewer cost around 300 yen to 350 yen except for the gyutan which cost 500yen. Anyway, I think it is a reasonable price for a 新鮮な shinsen na fresh piece of seafood.

For that, they will grill the skewered seafood for you on the spot. It is grilled on the spot so that the skewered seafood is served hot and moist (juice of the seafood still intact). The skewered seafood is best served with Japanese beers e.g. Sapporo, Asahi, Kirin, etc.

Oyster Burger

For me, I 選ぶ erabu chose the oyster burger. It was my first time I see a burger that is not the usual pork, beef or fish. Instead it contain カキ kaki oyster.

They took a few minutes to make the oyster burger. It is wrapped inside a polystyrene box to keep it 温かい atatakai warm.

Ta-da!!! The oyster burger contains a piece of fried oyster made to look like a コロッケ croquette korokke. With some lettuce squeezed in between two pieces of fluffy bread.
Honestly, the oyster burger is one of the best burger I had. In fact, it is the only oyster burger that I had. I looked for the oyster burger in Tokyo but I can`t find it anywhere. Definitely not available in McDonald or Burger King.

I certainly miss the oyster burger. If you are visiting Matsushimakaigan, remember to drop by Matsushima Fish Market. Try the seafood and oyster burger.
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Somewhere in Nara

My lunch
watashi no hiru gohan desu.

How to Say LUNCH in Japanese

The tips to good weight management
Breakfast like a king
昼ごはん hiru gohan Lunch like a prince
Dinner like a pauper

Somewhere in Nara

You need considerable energy to pull a rickshaw.
jinrikisha wo hiku no ni sugoi chikara ga iru.

 How to Say RICKSHAW in Japanese

What is the difference between 人力車 jinrikisha rickshaw vs trishaw?
人力車 jinrikisha Rickshaw is powered by human on foot.
Trishaw is powered by human on a bicycle.

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Learn Japanese Through Pictures


Learn Japanese Through Pictures


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