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Mt Takao

View Tokyo, Mount Fuji and Yokohama from the 頂上 choujou peak at 599 meters from sea level.

Rikugien Garden

Enjoy the nicely arranged with mizuumi lakes, ki trees and oka small hill for only 300 yen

Nikko Iroha Road

A terrific view making your drive up winding 道路 douro road is a main access connecting central Nikko and Oku-Nikko enjoyable.


Refreshing view along the vast field of ススキ susuki eulalia grass.

Tsurugoka Hachimangu

Near to the coast with a cool sea breeze and you might also see a 結婚式 kekkon shiki wedding ceremony there while you enjoy the view of autumn leaves.

Kumoba Pond

The autumn colors reflected on the 水表面 mizu hyoumen water surface are breathtaking.


Source: Japanican.com


Visit the Kenrokuen, one of the three most beautiful landscape garden in Japan.


Famous for their traditional gassho-zukuri farmhouses, some of which are more than 250 years old


The Takayama Festival, held in spring and autumn, is considered one of Japan's best festivals

Lake Kawaguchi

The largest among the Fuji Five Lakes. Great view of Mt Fuji alongside the autumn colors on the hills.

Tateyama Kurobe

Take a tour to the Kurobe dam, then cross the Tateyama and walk along in the gorge of snow (snow walls on both sides).


The grand Japanese Alps, the lush forest, the clear blue Azusa river makes you get in touch closer with nature.

Kurobe Gorge

Forested ravine in the rugged mountains of the Northern Japan Alps. Cut by the Kurobe River, it is one of the deepest gorges in Japan. 


Source: Japanican.com

Oirase Keiryu

Enjoy the onsen. The best known include Sukayu Onsen (酸ヶ湯温泉), Goshogake Onsen (後生掛温泉) and Toshichi Onsen (藤七温泉)


Enjoy autumn leaves viewing in this samurai town.

Chuson-ji Temple

The real attraction at Chūson-ji is the Konjiki-dō. Built in 1174, in wood, 25square meters, it has been lacquered all over in gold, complements the autumn leaves golden color.

Naruko Gorge

100m deep gorge with a total length of 2.5km along the Arao gawa River. The sight from the suspension bridge is amazing.

Akiu Falls

One of the top three waterfalls in Japan. The word Aki in Akiu means autumn. The trails to the waterfall offers a great experience in the foliage of the autumn leaves.


Where to view autumn leaves in Hokkaido?


Source: Japanican.com


Sapporo Maruyama Park

A beautiful park next to the Hokkaido Shrine. When you visit the Shrine, doremember to try the free red bean pastry. Taste great.


Thirty minutes outside Sapporo. There is a great selection of onsen at Jozankei. Relax after autumn leaves viewing.

Lake Toya

Around the lake, you will find 58 great sculptures. It will definitely make your walking tour more entertaining.

Hakodate Onuma Park

Known for its beautiful lakes and majestic dormant volcano, Mount Komagatake.


Noboribetsu Hell Valley

Sulphurous volcanic pits and geysers. It is smelly like hell. No wonder it is called 地獄谷 Jigokudani Hell Valley.

Sounkyo (Daisetsuzan)

Take the ropeway to the top to enjoy the fantastic view of the largest National Park in Japan.


Abashiri/ Lake Notoro

In autumn, the lake turns red. The Salicornia, a type of marsh, will turn red like the autumn leaves during the autumn. Consider yourself lucky if you see it red, because the time it is in red is considered quite short. 

Shiretoko Five Lakes

Take the Shiretoko Cruise. You may be able to see some wild bears too.


When to view autumn leaves in Japan?

Source: Japanican.com

Autumn leaves viewing is at its peak during the end of Oct and beginning of November.
偶然に guuzen ni Coincidentally, the peak time for autumn leaves viewing is in this week. Same week this post is published.
You could go for autumn leaves viewing at almost every part of Japan without disappointment.

Enjoy 紅葉狩り momijigari autumn leaves viewing from Hokkaido to Kyushu.
This is the time where autumn leaves viewing time overlaps throughout Japan.

紅葉 Momiji also called 紅葉 kouyou (both with the same kanji which means autumn leaves) starts from Hokkaido in the North and ends in Kyushu in the South.
So if you plan your trip early to Japan, you might want to make Hokkaido your first destination. Or if you are late, chase down south to Kyushu.

It all ends by mid December.

Learn Japanese Through Pictures


Learn Japanese Through Pictures


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