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Somewhere in Nara

Deer toys are so cute.
shika no omocha ga kawaii desu ne.

How to Say TOY in Japanese

LEGO is an educational おもちゃ omocha toy that encourage learning through play. I love it when I was a kid.


Somewhere in Nara

Be careful of angry deers.
okotta shika ni chuui shite kudasai.

How to Say ANGRY in Japanese

Why 怒る okoru angry? Being angry increase your heart rate and blood pressure. It is a toxic to your body.
See facts about anger.


For a non-native Japanese speaker, learning Japanese can be a difficult. Especially if you decide to learn it by your own. At some points, you might want to get some help from others to get the basics right. Once you got all the ingredients, the rest are just practice...practice...practice.

I stumbled upon a Japanese learning journal written by Leo, an Australian that started studying Japanese at the university about 8 years ago. He stopped studying for about 3 years as i found it so difficult to get his head around and then finally rediscovered his passion for Japanese and self studied from that moment until today. :) He hoped that by writing his journal frequently (in the form of a blog), he will improve his Japanese and hopefully get to a level where he can speak it better.

I found some methods used are similar to mine.

Learn simple basic everyday Japanese words.
Drop all the bombastic words. Go with the easy words. It is the easy words that we use everyday.

Write about anything like a diary in Japanese.
Getting it written down in words can actually help you structure your sentence. If you can get it written down in words, you are most probably able to compose a good sentence in speaking.

There is a saying. When there is a will there is a way. Keep it up.
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A good dictionary is important in learning Japanese. Here, I am going to introduce two Japanese English dictionary that I have used to learn Japanese. I find them easy to use, friendly, never disappointed me with the Japanese I want to find, and complements each other to provide good examples.

WWWJDIC: Word Search


I started using this dictionary right from the beginning when I started learning Japanese even before I learnt any kana or kanji. At that beginning, I depended on romaji a lot. Thus, I liked its Search Using Romanized Japanese, which cater for beginners. Once you learnt the Japanese characters, you could also search using kana and kanji too.

The most accurate search result goes to the top. It will display
  • kanji: the complicated writing
  • kana: the not so complicated writing
  • type: you this word as a noun, adjective (na,i), expression, verb, adverb, etc.
  • popular word: indicates that this is a commonly used word
  • example: my favourite function

Click on the [Ex], it will display a list of examples. It will randomly pick 10 examples. You may click on the complete list to see all the examples available. The examples are extremely useful in learning Japanese.

The examples are quite simple. One method I used is to cover the Japanese words and then look at the English text. I tried to make a translate it into Japanese. Then I reveal the Japanese to text to see how well I did.

Japanese English Dictionary: The Next Best for Learning Japanese
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Somewhere in Nara

Rest under the shade (of a tree)
 kokage de yasumu

How to Say SHADE (of a tree) in Japanese

Trees provide 木陰 kokage shade and wind buffering that reduces annual heating and cooling costs by 2.1 billion dollars. Save our trees.

Learn Japanese Through Pictures


Learn Japanese Through Pictures


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