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味噌煮込みうどん (Miso Nikomi Udon)

Miso Nikomi Ramen
Miso Nikomi Udon
Uses a miso called Hacchoumiso. Thick and strong taste. Spongy noodles simmered in a ceramic port. Served hot. Delicacy from Aichi Prefecture.

富士宮やきそば (Fujinomiya Yaki Soba)

Fujinomiya Yaki Soba
Fujinomiya Yaki Soba
What makes it different from the normal soba is the sponginess of the noodle. Fried with lard. Mixed with meat and pickled ginger. Delicacy from Shizuoka Prefecture.

伊勢うどん (Ise Udon)

Ise Udon
Iriko and sea tangle soup stock blended with Tamari soy sauce. Gives out a dark and thick gravy sauce. Delicacy from the Mie Prefecture.

和歌山ラーメン (Wakayama Ramen)

Wakayama Ramen
Wakayama Ramen
Thin and straight noodles. Contains 2 soy sauce based soup. Delicacy from the Wakayama Prefecture.

出雲そば (Izumo Soba)

Izumo Soba
Izumo Soba
Local culinary specialties of Shimane Prefecture. The dark color is what makes it special. Sweet smelling taste. Excellent nutritional value.

瓦そば (Kawara Soba)

kawara soba
Kawara Soba
Kawara means tile. As the name suggests, roasted tea-buckwheat noodles are placed on top of a heated tile. Fried until there is a little burnt smell and crispy to bring out the best taste. The hissing sound of the noodles frying on top of the tile makes you crazy to grab a bite. Delicacy from the Yamaguchi Prefecture.

津山ホルモンうどん (Tsuyama Broiled Beef Udon)

Tsuyama Broiled Beef Udon
Tsuyama Broiled Beef Udon
Udon grilling on a hot plate with broiled beef innards. Perfect combination of rich beef taste and spongy udon. Delicacy from Okayama Prefecture.


Learn Japanese Through Pictures


Learn Japanese Through Pictures


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