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Ramen is my favourite food in Japan. The taste, accompanying ingredients, size of noodles, and soup vary across the different regions in Japan. This post introduces some of the signature ramens in Japan.

喜多方ラーメン (Kitakata Ramen)

kitakata ramen
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Kitakata Ramen
Local ramen from Kitakatashi, Fukushima. Refreshing soy sauce flavor. Thick ramen texture. 

盛岡冷麺 (Morioka Reimen) 

Morioka ramen
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Morioka Ramen

冷麺 reimen means cold noodles. Tohoku prefecture delicacy. Noodles are bouncy. The soup is sweet with seasonal fruits such as apple, watermelon and pear. Although it is cold noodles, that does not mean the soup are all direct from the tap. :) It was all boiled and left to cold. Goes well with kimchi.

稲庭うどん (Inaniwa Udon)

Inaniwa Udon
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Inaniwa Udon

Country-style dish from Akita. Thinner than the Kishimen (flat noodles famous in Nagoya) or Houtou noodles (flat noodels famous in Yamanashi). Smooth texture that glides on your tongue :).

へぎそば (Begi Soba)

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Begi Soba
Famous in Uonuma, Niigata Prefecture. Noodles are made from a type of seaweed called Funori. The name begi comes from a kitchen tool that is used to make this noodle.

信州そば (Shin Shuu Soba)

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Shin Shuu Soba
Normally noodles that are made of more than 25% of buckwheat flour are called shinshuu soba. Shinshuu comes from a highland where it is famous for where buckwheat are harvested.

越前おろしそば (Echizen Oroshi Soba)

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Echizen Soba
There are various ways people have this served. Some like the grated radish on top with the soup under (well segregated), while some like it to be all mixed up. Popular among the elderly as a healthy food.

ほうとう (Houtou)

Source: gotouchi.yahoo.co.jp
A mixture of wide-flattish noodle with pumpkin, mushrooms and potatoes simmered in miso soup. Thick soup base. Makes it a very good hot dish in the winter.


Learn Japanese Through Pictures


Learn Japanese Through Pictures


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