Learn Japanese Through Pictures


Script to the video:


First, the proposal.
Then, meet the parents.
Now, the photo-shooting.

Well, you only shoot wedding photos once in your entire lifetime.
So you want to make sure that everything is perfect.

Hmmmm...taking wedding photos locally? Nah! Too many people taking it at the same place.
See, same pier, same pier, same pier. Just different people, different pose.
Just not special enough for me.

What can I do differently?
Hahhhhh....take wedding photos abroad.
Taiwan sounds good. Plenty of wedding packages at the travel fair. I can Shoot while I Play. Perfect!

It is a Good choice too!

Here are some good things that you must know:
a) The scenery was really nice. Totally amazing and special when compared to my friend's wedding photos taken locally.
b) The hospitality when you first arrived was terrific.
c) The bridal company arranged all the accommodations.
d) Took care of our meals. Bought us lunch and dinner.
e) This one is the one I liked best. Bridal company allowed us to take photos when trying out dresses (which most local bridal companies don't)
f) Bridal company gave us a complimentary stay at Sun Moon Lake. The room was large with private jacuzzi pool.

Now you are ready to sign for a package!
Here are some of the things you must know when you plan for wedding photography in Taiwan.

1) Have an idea of what you want kind of scene, background you would want for your wedding photography. My advise: If you want to take studio photos, take it locally. What for traveling all the way for studio photos?  Some wanted sakura. Some wanted the scenic spots in Taiwan. Some wanted the Taipei 101. Decide ahead. For me, I wanted a background of lavender field.

2) Knowing what type of background helps you to decide the bridal company. Ask for the location of their bridal company back in Taiwan. Why? Because if you want Taipei 101, no point choosing a bridal company from Tainan (Southern Taiwan). Take another examples, if you want to take scenic views such as lavendar farms (in June/July), and Sakura (in March), choose a bridal company around Taichung. For my case, I selected Hsinchu, near to Taichung.

3) Ask for the price. Make sure you understand what is provided/ what is not.
Here is something that you must know:
a) How many dress for the lady? How many white? How many colored? What about the guy?
b) How many poses can you select?
c) What is the size of album and photo frame (example photo frame for the bedroom photo)?

Here are some that are usually not included.

d) How much is transportation during photo shoot?
e) How much is entrance fees to scenic spots?
f) How much is it to bring the stylist for outdoor photo shooting?
g) Is the air ticket included in the package?

Here is something that you wished had known earlier that could save you money.

a) Bring along white underpants so you don`t have to buy one there. White outfits are definite. You don't want your photos to see an imprint of your black underpants.
b) Bring along a pair of nude bras. Bridal might sell you at a higher price if you dont have one.
c) This is the most important part. Honest and open discussion with your husband/wife about budget for extra photos. You will have a few hundreds photos taken, and you will be persuaded to take up extra. This may cost you dearly.
I give you an example: We took more than a hundred shots. Package we initially signed up was only 30. Then, they told me that 30 photos wont be enough to make a decent album, and asked me to add photos. Believe me, the price was crazy. Initial package cost NTD 35000, adding photos to make a decent one will need to top up another NTD 42000. Of course, I refused. On the spot, their look changed and gave me the ungrateful look.

Now you know what you must know.
Have fun and wishes you and your wife happiness forever!


Learn Japanese Through Pictures


Learn Japanese Through Pictures


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