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How to say travel in Japanese? Everything you need to know about traveling in japanese.

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旅行 ryokou traveling

Before you go traveling, you would want to check out on some of the packages that is offered by the  旅行会社 ryokou  gaisha traveling agency. In Japan, the top traveling agency that I have tried using was JTB and H.I.S. Of course there are some other agencies that you might want to research too. You can get information from the pamphlets outside the agencies and in most of the train stations.
Once you have decided on your trip, you can 旅行を予約する ryokou wo yoyaku suru book a trip, or 旅行を延ばす ryokou wo nobasu extend your trip. If you made a booking and regretted it, you can 旅行をやめる ryokou wo yameru give up on the trip or 旅行をキャンセルする ryokou wo kyanseru suru cancel the trip. It`s your money, decide what is best for your and most importantly is to 旅行を楽しむ ryokou wo tanoshimu enjoy your trip.

Before embarking on a trip, you will need to 旅行の準備をする ryokou no junbi wo suru make some preparations for the trip. That can be 旅行の荷物を詰める ryokou no nimotsu wo tsumeru packing up for the trip, 旅行の間犬を近所に預けてもらう ryokou no aida inu wo kinjo ni azukete morau entrusting your dogs to the neighbors during the trip, etc.

While packing up, you must never forget these 2 things.
Passport: License to 旅行に行く ryokou ni iku go traveling.
Money: You can forget to bring anything, but not your money. You forget your shirt, you buy. You forget your shoes, you buy. Perhaps most of the 旅行代 ryokou dai traveling cost is already paid up when you signed up for your trip, but things like souvenirs are not included.

When you 旅行に出かける ryokou ni dekakeru leave for a trip, inform your neighbors so that they can watch over your house for you. When you 旅行から帰る ryokou kara kaeru come back from a trip, remember to buy them souvenirs as a token of appreciation. Otherwise, they won`t be watching over your house for you anymore when you are away. :)

Remember, no matter where you go, there are 旅行制限 ryokou seigen travel restrictions, and be a good 旅行者 ryokou sha tourist. Enjoy your next trip and remember  旅行中にたくさんの写真を撮って ryokou chuu ni takusan no shashin wo totte to take a lot of pictures and 旅行中に体験を話してあげる ryokou chuu no taiken wo hanashite ageru share the stories of your journey.


Learn Japanese Through Pictures


Learn Japanese Through Pictures


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