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I am so in love with Lush products...too bad that we can't get them in Singapore. I remembered that Lush used to be in Singapore but i have no idea what made them move out from this sunny island.

I bought this bath bombs trio from Gold Coast last year and had a bombing great time, in the bath tubs....but for this last bath bomb,i have to use it as a foot soak as i dont have a bath tub in my house:( This is actually called Champagne Supernova....not Sex Bomb, i cut up part of the box that held the bath bombs to decorate the bottle of stars for Captain and as a result, the part for Champagne Supernova was being damaged.
The smell or should i say aroma, from Lush shop, may be a tad overwhelming for some or maybe most people, including me. However, after you have stepped into the shop, your senses will be amazed by the products in the shop. Ever tried soaps that look like jellies and puddings? They have it all. I love their lip balms to bits!

I bought this mask in Sydney months ago and i love it~ choked with loads of blueberries!

Captain is in Melbourne right now and he has promised to help me buy Cupcake, a face mask with the goodness of chocolate that aids in cleansing and purifying the skin, besides that i will be getting Ring of Roses, a buttercream soap with only 20% soap and 80% of essential oils and moisturisers...this is one of their best selling product. Lush is a big hit in Lush as well, where local marketing plays a great part in helping the brand to gain and maintain a firm stand in the Japanese market. All of Lush products packaging in Japan are in Japanese and there are so many products that one can find exclusively in Japan. I am going to Japan in late March with Captain so i might be getting some Japanese Lush products too. There will be a never ending shopping list for facial care products when i go to Japan.....and i am definitely getting the Shiseido Collagen drink again:)

Singapore Airlines Calendar for 2009...a bit late but it is alright...the colours look more intense than last year's calendar. I am taking a picture of it to practise some photography with the aperture mode...


Christine's Happy Blog

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